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We are an ever growing company, fully set up with Argentine capital, with a reliability well endorsed by our Customers.

Created in 2001 by professionals with vast experience in the market of integral Services in Foreign Trade, we coordinate all stages of Import, Export and Customs Clearance operations.

We have an extensive network of Agents and Partners globally that allow us to operate from any port or airport in the world, satisfying the needs of our Customers in a personalized and exclusive way.



To be strategic partner of our Customers, contributing to the improvement in the logistics competitiveness of their operations.



To be leaders in our business and a main player in all the market segments in which we are present.​




We offer the best options to transport goods by air, using the services of leading international companies in cargo flights or combined passenger and cargo flights.

The services include:
• Coordination of exports and imports freights
• Direct service (Back to Back)
• Priority service in the main airlines
• In Plant pick up and delivery (Door to Door)
• Consolidated purchase orders.
• Insurance coverage of all the goods.
• Project, refrigerated, temperature controlled, perishable, hazardous and general goods
• Issuance of shipping documents
• Follow up of operations in real time with tailor made reports

We offering services for the transportation of goods in consolidated containers (Less Container Load or LCL), full containers (Full Container Load or FCL) and break bulk

The services include:
• In Plant Pick up /Delivery of container (Door to Door)
• Conntainer Consolidation and Deconsolidation
• Operations with Fiscal Warehouses
• Consolidation of Purchase Orders
• Multimodal Freight Shipment
• Insurance coverage of all the goods
• Project, general, perishable, hazardous, refrigerated goods and personal belongings
• Iso Tank Operations
• Flexitank Operations
• Roll on Roll off Operations
• Follow up of operations

We offer the transportation of goods between the plant or factory and their final destination, both within the national territory and bordering countries (Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay, Chile and Bolivia), by means of International Road Transportation services.

The services include:
• Full Truck (Full Truck Load o FTL)
• Tandem or convoy
• Insurance coverage of all the goods

We offer international moving with door to door service, to individuals or to companies or agencies. We adapt our services to their needs, saving costs in the logistic chain while offering accurate communication throughout the process, thus guaranteeing in a timely manner, the goods from their place of origin to their destination.

The services include:
• Moving from and to Argentina
• Pre-moving advice.
• Vehicle transportation
• Shipping of pets and live animals
• Insurance Policies of all kinds
• Project, General and Hazardous Goods

We take care of all the necessary logistics for your project: we propose, execute and document the entire process.
• Design and execution of integral logistics solutions for special loads
• Packaging in accordance with internationally established standards and norms
• Transportation from Exworks to final destination delivery
• Loading and issuance of all necessary documents
• Supervision of the execution of the project 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

We specialize in :
• Oversized material
• Rolling Stock, cars, trucks, train wagons
• Heavy load: transformers
• Machinery
• Steels

Freight Projects
• Cantage Hotel
• Delia Industries
• Yaravi quarries
• Alubry San Luis

Storing Service & Crossdocking


We offer the possibility to store your goods in a huge logistic centre located in the Northern Area.

Consolidations and deconsolidations

• 4 downloading docks
• Cross-docking
• Storage in racks or fixed spaces
• Warehpuse Management System (WMS) – stock follow up – traceability
• Inventory control
• Bar coding and radiofrequency identification of goods
• Classification and elaboration of orders, picking and labeling
• Special services (stamping, reconditioning, fractioning, classification, etc.)
• Storage insurance
• Design and development of special packaging
• 24 hour security



We offer a wide range of Customs Services. A highly professional and efficient work Team is ready to assist you regarding customs procedures and any other agency procedures related to Foreign Trade, thus providing the best export or import solutions for your goods and requirements.

Customs Procedures
•  Customs Clearance and Customs Document
• Integral advice about the needs and requirements of each shipment
• Advice on Legal Customs Regime
• Tariff classification for all types of goods
• Imports and Exports Destinations (Permanent, Temporary, TLAT, Transit, Transshipments, Transfers, Personal Belongings, Postal Packages)
• Pre-formalization crossed controls
• Filing, follow up and performance report of export refunds
• Expiration Alert Systems
• Procedures before official agencies (Office of the Secretary of Industry and Commerce, SENASA, IASCAV, INAL, ANMAT, Chambers, INTI, etc.)
• Procedures in the customs of Campana/Zárate, Buenos Aires, Ezeiza, La Plata Duty Free Zone
• SIMI (Integral System of Imports Tracking) Statement
• Management of non automatic licenses
• SIM Operator and exclusive team of people, depending on the operations
• Coordination with Custody
• Coordination with port terminals and fiscal warehouses
• Report on Operative Performance ( KPI )
• Digitalization of all the operations
• Online system for operation tracking by means of our web site

Distribution & Transportation


We offer a wide and modern vehicle fleet, equipped with satellite custody, with which we render nationwide transportation and distribution services.

• Vans of up to 1 tn/600 kgs. for small volume goods
• Trucks of up to 4 tn/17m3
• Flatbed trucks for 20’ containers
• Semitrailers for 40’ containers
• Special trucks for high cube, flat rack and open top containers
• Authorization for the transportation of hazardous goods
• Authorization for international transportation
• Nationwide door to door service
• National and urban distribution
• Follow up and automatic delivery report
• Reports on certified documents, pursuant to required specifications
• Reverse logistics service
• Roundtrip
• Redespatching within the Country
• Account officer and personalized attention
• Advice and analysis of operations for process optimization



We offer to customers the possibility of becoming their Foreign Trade Department, generating benefits.

• Fixed cost reduction and variable costs optimization
• Advice related to planning international operations
• Analysis of logistic options
• Logistic Coordination with plants, warehouses, port terminals and carriers
• Own staff within the customer’s structure to facilitate operations (InPlan)



Baires Tracking allows access to statistics for monitoring the Lead time of your operations, detecting irregularities in times and allowing continuous improvement to lower costs of your operations, both in terminal expenses, deposits and eventual expenses. The statistics are online, allowing them to improve day by day, without waiting for the end of the month to analyze them.

Import KPIs

•  SIMI expiration notice
• Officialization time from arrival
•  Delivery time of the merchandise from the arrival
•  Management time according to the selectivity channel
•  Quarterly list of shipped import operations with the details required by the insurance company
• Operational Performance Reports
• Digitization of all operations
• Online transaction monitoring system through our website


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